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Phones make very handy makeshift torches in emergency situations, as you can just flick them on and they emit light.

The problem however, is that the light on most devices then goes out again after a few seconds, meaning you need to keep pressing buttons or opening and closing the device to keep the light constant. OI Flashlight solves this problem by permanently keeping your backlight on to give you a constant source of light.

One great thing about OI Flashlight is that it allows you to select a background color for the light. You can select precisely the shade you want from a color wheel, then this color is permanently lit on your screen. Changing the color is useful because it helps your natural night vision. After using white light, it takes longer for your night vision to be restored to normal than it does if you're using red light, for example.

The only bad thing about OI Flashlight is that it quickly sucks up battery, so be sure to deactivate it when you can to preserve power, or you could find yourself shrouded in darkness at a crucial moment.

OI Flashlight is ideal for camping, caving or just for getting up to pee in the middle of the night!

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